CCBA – 2018 Resolutions

The following resolutions were approved by the Conference of California Bar Associations (CCBA) at the September 14-16, 2018, Conference in San Diego, CA.
Resolution Title
01-01-2018 Revenue and Taxation: Exclusion of Teacher’s Housing Allowance from Gross Income
01-02-2018 Revenue and Taxation: Sole Proprietorship Deductions
01-03-2018 Sales Tax: Exemption of Used Clothing
01-04-2018 Medical Marijuana: Authorizes Purchase of Medical Marijuana Without the 15% Excise Tax
01-05-2018 Corporations: Convert into a Foreign Entity
01-06-2018 Limited Liability Corporation: Power to Sue or be Sued When Certificate of Cancellation Filed
02-03-2018 Discovery: Responses to Written Discovery Shall Include Requests
02-06-2018 Appeal: Satisfaction of Unchallenged Portion of Severable Money Judgment
02-08-2018 Discovery:  Electronic Exchange of Written Discovery
03-01-2018 County Jail: Make Penal Code Section 4600 a Wobbler
03-02-2018 Criminal Procedure: Statute of Limitations for Felony Computer Hacking
03-03-2018 Criminal Procedure:  Infraction Not Grounds For Revocation of Supervision
03-04-2018 Insurance Fraud: Discretion to File as a Misdemeanor
03-07-2018 Prop. 64 (Marijuana Act): Conspiracy to Sell Marijuana Eligible for Resentencing
03-08-2018 Waiver of Appearance: Propositions 47 & 64 Resentencing Hearings
03-09-2018 Incarceration: Standards to Prevent, Detect and Respond to Prison Rape
04-01-2018 Discrimination: Civil Action for Retaliating Against Employee Taking Court-Related Time Off
04-02-2018 Discrimination: Civil Action Retaliating Against Employee Time Off for Domestic Violence
04-04-2018 Whistleblower Protection: Preventing Overbroad Non-Disclosure Agreements
04-05-2018 Employment Arbitration: Require Employers to Pay for Arbitration Fees
04-06-2018 Wage Deductions: Limits for Time of Work Actually Lost
04-07-2018 Workplace Harassment: Cause of Action When Harassment Not Related to Protected Class
04-08-2018 Government Code: DFEH Complaint and Right-to-Sue Notice.
05-02-2018 Probate Code: Correct Reference
05-03-2018 Probate:  Definition of Instrument
05-04-2018 Conservator of the Person: Undue Influence a Relevant Factor
05-05-2018 Financial Elder Abuse: Add Exception for Reasonable Value of Services
05-06-2018 Elder Abuse: Order for Anger Management
06-01-2018 Evidence: Ban Admission of Prejudicial Prior Gender Identity Questions
06-02-2018 Withdrawal of Plea: Prosecution May Consent to Extended Time
06-03-2018 Three Strikes: Removing Criminal Threats from List of Strikable Offenses
06-04-2018 Criminal Procedure:  Motion to Dismiss by the Defense
06-05-2018 Municipal Code Offenses: Court Discretion to Reduce to Infractions
06-06-2018 Discovery: Open File Rule
06-07-2018 Discovery: Disclosure by Prosecution Begins Upon Arraignment
06-08-2018 Criminal Procedure:  Reenactment of Deferral of Sentencing Law
06-09-2018 Bail: Notice of Release on Bail and Scheduled Appearance
06-10-2018 Firearms: No Ban Without Notice for Accused Who Is Not Convicted
06-11-2018 Continuances: Human Trafficking Added as Cases Classified for Good Cause
06-12-2018 Criminal Procedure: Simplified Disclosure To Police Officer Complainants
07-01-2018 Family Code: Sanctions
07-06-2018 Family Law: Correction to WIC Citation
07-10-2018 Visitation: Create Rights for Great Grandparents
07-11-2018 Support Obligation: Gender Neutral Calculation Software
07-12-2018 Premarital Agreements: When Seven Day Period for Enforcement Begins
08-01-2018 Judges: Delete Obsolete Provision for Defense of Judges by County Counsel
08-02-2018 Judges: Motion to Disqualify
08-03-2018 Court Reporters: Authorize Recording of Proceedings When No Court Reporter
08-04-2018 County Counsel: Delete Obsolete Reference to Municipal Court
08-06-2018 Dispute Resolution Programs: Increase Allocation from Filing Fees
08-07-2018 Mandatory Fee Arbitration: Tolling Statute of Limitations
08-08-2018 Statute of Limitations: Toll for Legal Malpractice Actions During Fee Arbitrations
08-09-2018 Evidence: Admission of Statements in Mediation at Attorney Disciplinary or Malpractice Actions
08-10-2018 State Bar: Appointment of Inspector General
09-01-2018 Traffic Violations:  Burdens of Proof
09-02-2018 Vandalism: Suspension of Driver’s License Discretionary
09-03-2018 Driver’s License: Minimal Due Process Notice of Re-Examination Due to Incapacity
09-04-2018 Traffic Violation: Eliminates Misdemeanor Punishment for Not Completing Traffic School
09-07-2018 Law Enforcement: Limitations on Immigration and Customs Enforcement
10-02-2018 Firearms Fees: School Safety Programs
10-03-2018 Medi-Cal Coverage: Feminine Hygiene Products
10-04-2018 Health and Safety: Diaper Changing Stations in Restaurants
10-05-2018 Insurance: Create a Voluntary Long-Term Care Insurance Program
10-06-2018 Education: American Government and Civics Course Must Include Instruction on Voting
10-07-2018 Electrical Corporations: Prohibits Recovering Uninsured Expenses in Certain Situations
11-03-2018 Ellis Act: Confidentiality of Evictions
11-04-2018 Homeowners Associations: Fiduciary Accounts and Fiduciary Duty in Management of Funds
11-05-2018 Davis-Stirling Act: Board Member Standards of Conduct
12-01-2018 Government: Making Objective the Test on Legislative Moonlighting
12-02-2018 Military:  Approval Required for Acquisition of Federal Military Surplus Equipment
12-05-2018 Coroner:  Separation of County Sheriff, District Attorney, and Coroner
12-06-2018 Inmates: Streamlining Administrative Requirements
12-08-2018 Voting Rights: Limit Application of Felony Restriction
LF-01-2018 Criminal: Possession of a Firearm by a Minor

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