CCBA – 2017 Resolutions

The following are the resolutions approved by the Conference of California Bar Associations (CCBA) at the October 5-8, 2017, Conference in Sacramento, CA.

Resolution # Title
01-03-2017 Real Estate: Prohibits Dual Agency by Individual Real Estate Agents
01-05-2017 Eminent Domain: Extending Public Use Requirement
02-01-2017 Public Employee Retirement Funds: Divestment from Businesses Supporting a Border Wall
02-06-2017 Judicial Districts: Deletion of Obsolete References
02-07-2017 Appellate Division: Deletion of Obsolete and Redundant Reference



Rule of Court: Evidentiary Objections in Law and Motion

Small Claims Court: Summary Judgment Procedures

Judges: Judicial Disclosure and Ruling on Disqualification Motion

02-12-2017 Military:  Approval Required for Acquisition of Federal Military Surplus Equipment


California Rules of Court: Entry Of Costs

Civil Procedure: Collection of Judgments From All Jurisdictions

04-10-2017 Demur:  Permit Meet and Confer By Letter
05-01-2017 Family Code: Unilateral Waiver of Receipt of Financial Disclosures
05-02-2017 Exception for Family Law Matters: Allow Unilateral Substitution of Attorney by Client
05-03-2017 Family: Termination Of Parental Rights In Cases Of Severe Sexual Abuse
05-04-2017 Family: Automatic Temporary Restraining Orders Contained in Summons
05-05-2017 Children: Extended Reunification Period in Child’s Best Interest
06-01-2017 Military Diversion Reform: Clarifying Persons and Charges That Qualify for Military Diversion
06-02-2017 Penal Code: Define “Sex” to Mean “Gender” in the California Penal Code
06-03-2017 Incarceration: Standards to Prevent, Detect and Respond to Prison Rape
06-04-2017 Civil Rights: Protections for Protected Classes of Prisoners
06-06-2017 Criminal Law: Repeal Bathhouse Ban
06-07-2017 Criminal Law: First Degree Burglary to Include Recreational Vehicles
06-10-2017 Child Prostitution: Eliminate Harmful Language Regarding Exploited Children
06-11-2017 Prisoners: Credit for Good Behavior
07-02-2017 Environmental Quality Act: Subsequent and Supplemental CEQA Documents
07-03-2017 Federal Legislation: Congressional Apportionment
07-04-2017 Human Rights: Rights of Children
07-05-2017 Taxation: Tax Credit for Interest Paid on Student Loans
07-06-2017 Foster Children: Address Difficulty in Obtaining Automobile Insurance
07-08-2017 Public Utilities Code: Definition of “Public Utility”
07-09-2017 Alcoholic Beverages:  Increased Limit on Personal Use Importation
07-10-2017 Taxes: Tax Deferred Exchanges
07-11-2017 Taxpayers: Require Taxing Agencies to Contact Authorized Representative
08-01-2017 Involuntary Treatment: Add Substance Abuse in Relation to Mental Illness
08-02-2017 Probate: Definition of Kindred
08-03-2017 Probate: Form of revocable transfer on death deed.
08-04-2017 Probate: Increase Value of Small Estates
08-05-2017 LPS Conservatorship: Definition of “Gravely Disabled”
08-06-2017 Limited Conservatorship: Immediate Appointment Of Counsel
08-09-2017 Guardian ad Litem: Discretionary Appointment by Court
08-10-2017 Probate: Custody and Control of Financial Accounts After Death of Conservatee
08-11-2017 Probate: Custody and Control of Financial Accounts After Death of Ward


Probate: Digital Assets

Probate: Petitions for Extraordinary Compensation

08-15-2017 Probate: Time Consistency – Notice of Proposed Action in Trust Proceedings
09-03-2017 Civil Procedure:  Obsolete Reference Regarding Standing for Injury to Child
09-04-2017 Tort Law:  Numbering Subdivisions to Aid in Citation
09-05-2017 Evidence Code: Include Ambulance Companies in Definition of Medical Provider
09-06-2017 Civil Procedure: Delete Cross-Reference to Repealed Statutes
10-01-2017 Misdemeanor: Dismissal of Drug Offense When Defendant in Prison
10-03-2017 Criminal Law: Driver’s License Suspension for Vandalism Permissive not Mandatory
10-04-2017 Unlawful Searches of Vehicles
10-05-2017 Repealing Suspension of Driver’s Licenses for Habitual Truancy
10-06-2017 Repeal Suspension of Driver’s Licenses for Prostitution Offenses
10-07-2017 Repeal Suspension of Driver’s Licenses for Graffiti Offenses
10-08-2017 Repealing Supplemental Fees for Vehicle Code Infractions
11-01-2017 Commercial Code: Account Debtor – Affirmative Relief
11-02-2017 Finance Code: Expand Definition of “Pro-Rater”
11-05-2017 Corporations: Make Corporate Records Available in California or Electronically
11-06-2017 Corporations: Permit a Suspended Corporation to Voluntarily Dissolve
11-07-2017 Non-Profit Corporations: Conforms Standards for Removal of Directors
11-09-2017 Shopping Centers and Strip Malls to Collect Recycling at the Front-End
11-10-2017 Cannabis Delivery: Ensuring Equal Access
12-01-2017 Workers Compensation: Payment of Premiums
12-02-2017 Employment: Limitations on Cannabis Testing
12-03-2017 Worker Death Prosecutions:  Civil Penalty Alternative for Prosecutors
12-04-2017 Equal Pay Act: Discovery Rule to Conform to Federal Law
12-06-2017 Labor & Employment: Attorney Fees in Whistleblower Cases
12-07-2017 Employment: Change of Definition of Employee Under FEHA
12-08-2017 Employment: Employers Cannot Force Employees to Take Vacations
13-01-2017 Elections: Require Presidential Candidate Tax Return
13-02-2017 Elections: Mandatory Risk-Limiting Audits
13-03-2017 Elections: Grouping Ballot Measures
13-04-2017 Education: Alternative Make-Up Policy for Missed Tests
13-06-2017 Schools: Students’ Rights to Privacy in Restrooms and Locker Rooms
14-01-2017 Cannabis Violations: Remove Increased Penalties
14-02-2017 Remove Penalties for Mere Possession of Cannabis Otherwise Lawful Under California Law


Incarceration: Remove Title 15 Gender Transition Related Surgery Exclusion

Medical Marijuana: Increase Amount a Qualified Patient Can Possess

14-06-2017 Taxation: Exempt Medicines and Nutritional Supplements from Sales Tax
15-01-2017 Facial Recognition Technology Act 2017 (FACE OFF)
15-05-2017 Chokeholds: Ban on Police Use
15-07-2017 Peace Officers: Independent Investigation
16-01-2017 Wobblers: Grant Courts the Ability to Reduce Following Successful Probation
16-02-2017 Juveniles: Juvenile Reentry Fund
16-03-2017 Division of Juvenile Facilities: Retaining Jurisdiction Upon Release
16-04-2017 Offender Registry: Repeal and Amend to Remove Narcotic Offender Registration
16-05-2017 Criminal Law: Eliminate References to Gender
16-06-2017 Criminal law: Technical Cleanups Regarding Mandatory Reporting for Lost or Stolen Gun
16-07-2017 Bail Reform: Establish County Pretrial Services Agencies
16-09-2017 Continuances: Child Birth as Good Cause
16-10-2017 Criminal Procedure: Pitchess Motions
16-11-2017 Continuances: Child Birth as Good Cause
16-12-2017 Juvenile Dependency: Periodic Report for Dependent Minor Parents
ELF-01-2017 Court Reporters: Right to Reporting of Proceedings
LF-02-2017 Guardianship: Process for creation and designation of standby guardian