CCBA – 2016 Resolutions

The following are the resolutions approved by the Conference of California Bar Associations (CCBA) at its September 30-October 2, 2016, Conference in San Diego, CA.

Resolution # Title
01-01-2016-aa Vehicle Code: Infraction for First Time Administrative Suspension License Violation
01-02-2016 Vehicle: Adjustment of DMV points for Section 14601.1 Violations
01-06-2016-aa Penal Code: Domestic Violence; Protective Orders
01-07-2016-aa Criminal Law: Closing the ‘Upskirt’ Voyeurism Loophole
01-08-2016 Domestic Violence: Incident Reports
02-01-2016-aa Employment: Limit Use of After Acquired Evidence Defense.
02-04-2016 Employment Law: insert missing cross reference
02-05-2016 Labor: Expanding “Ban the Box” Act to the private sector
03-01-2016-aa Evidence Code: Admissibility of Financial Disclosures in Family Law Matters
03-02-2016-aa Family Law: Mandatory Reporting of Sexual Abuse After Judicial Finding.
03-04-2016 Family Law: Final Child Custody Determinations Immediately Appealable
04-01-2016 Unlawful Detainer Proceedings: Summary Judgment Procedure
04-03-2016 Small Claims Court: Attorney’s Fees on Appeal
04-04-2016 Small Claims Court: Attorney’s Fees on Appeal
04-05-2016 Civil Procedure: Service Of Small Claims Counterclaim By Mail
04-07-2016-aa Eliminates Absolute Privilege for Falsely Reporting Criminal Activity
04-08-2016 Civil Procedure:  Prevailing Party Attorney Fee Awards on Anti-SLAPP Motions
04-09-2016 Civil Procedure: Motions to Stay or Dismiss Based on Inconvenient Forum
04-10-2016 Civil Code: Expand Section 1542 release beyond debtors
04-11-2016 Civil Procedure: Availability of General Denial in Limited Civil Cases
05-02-2016 Health & Safety Code: short term residents
05-04-2016-aa Government Code: Limit Government Trail Immunity
05-08-2016 Health Coverage: Disclosure Rules and Prohibition on Surprise Balance-Billing
05-09-2016-aa Utility Services: Power Theft Attorney’s Fees
05-10-2016 Utility Services: Power Theft Definitions
06-01-2016 Probate/Health and Safety: Replacement of Dementia with Major Neurocognitive Disorder
06-02-2016-aa Welfare and Institutions: Orders for Anger Management and Substance Abuse Classes in Elder Abuse Matters
06-05-2016 Probate:  Burden of Proof Necessary for the Appointment of a Guardian
06-08-2016 Probate: Request Regarding Resuscitative Measures
06-10-2016 Attorney Client Privilege: Conservatees And Wards
07-01-2016 Criminal Law: Abolishes Daytime Solitary Confinement
07-03-2016 Prostitution: Excluding Condoms as Evidence of Prostitution
07-05-2016-aa Statutory Rape: Ages of Individuals
07-06-2016-aa Human Trafficking: Public Posting Requirements
07-07-2016-aa Welfare and Institutions Code: Electronic Recording of Custodial Interrogation of Minors
07-10-2016 Factual Innocence: Greater Compensation and Services
07-11-2016 Court Appointed Counsel: Limitations on Defendants’ Repayment of Fees
08-01-2016 Discovery: Personal Service
08-02-2016 Expert Discovery: Production of Expert Documents Pursuant to Notice of Deposition
08-06-2016-aa Discovery: Informal Conferences
08-07-2016 Costs: Recovery for Electronic Preservation of Evidence
08-09-2016 Expert Discovery: Exchange Information
08-10-2016 Civil Procedure:  Expansion of Electronic Recording to Unlimited Civil Proceedings
08-11-2016 Good Faith Settlements: Personal Service of Applications
08-12-2016 Motion Practice: Tentative Rulings Via Internet and E-Mail
09-02-2016 Duty of Confidentiality: Permit Disclosure to Prevent Death or Substantial Bodily Harm
09-03-2016 Mandatory Fee Arbitration: Procedures Following Awards
09-05-2016 Client Engagement Letter: Deadline to Provide Copy to Client
09-06-2016 Trademark: Allowing State Trademark Protection for Medical Cannabis Products
09-07-2016 Corporations: Buyout Agreements
10-01-2016 Education: School District Boundary Fix
10-02-2016 Health and Safety: Automated External Defibrillator Units at Public and School Pools
10-03-2016 Education: K-12 Swimming Pool Safety Plans
10-04-2016 High School Curriculum: One-Semester Course in Health for Graduation
11-01-2016 Rules of Court: Update Obsolete Rule Reference
11-02-2016 Rules of Court: citation to unpublished decisions
11-03-2016-aa Courts: Electronic Signatures on Pleadings
11-07-2016 Government: Requiring Disclosure of Electioneering Communications
11-10-2016 Government: Open Data Access to Information
12-02-2016 Real Property: Standard for Adequacy of Final Offer in Eminent Domain Cases
LF-01-2016 Government Code: Qualifications to Become a Police Officer

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