CCBA – 2015 Resolutions

The following are the resolutions approved by the Conference of California Bar Associations (CCBA) at its October 2015 Conference in Anaheim, CA.

01-01-2015 – Recoverable Expert Fees As Costs AP
01-02-2015 – Attorneys: Temporary Admission to Practice Law for Attorney Spouses of Active Duty Military AP
02-03-2015 – LLCs: Dissolution of 2-Member AP
02-05-2015 – Alcohol Beverage Act: Non-Profit wine raffles. AP
02-06-2015 – Stop Tobacco Access to Kids Enforcement (STAKE) Act AP
03-01-2015 – Healthcare Providers: Allowable Damages After Statutory Offer to Compromise AP
03-02-2015 – Deed of Trust as Mortgage AP
03-03-2015-aa – HOA’s: Attorneys Appear on Owner Behalf AA
03-04-2015 – Disaster Relief: Civil Immunity for Negligence of Uncompensated Good Faith Providers AP
04-03-2015 – Misdemeanors – Probable Cause Challenges by Out-of-Custody Defendants AP
04-05-2015 – Misdemeanors – Dismissal of Individual Charges Against In-Custody Defendants AP
04-06-2015 – Criminal Law: Banning Declawing of Domestic Cats AP
04-07-2015 – Criminal Procedure: Discoverability of Police Audio and Video Recordings AP
04-11-2015 – Juvenile Law: Jurisdiction for Counties to Grant Honorable Discharge AP
04-12-2015 – Criminal: Recall of Felony County Jail Sentences, Recall Recommendation by District Attorney AP
05-04-2015 – Probate: Delete Reference to Repealed Probate Code Section AP
06-02-2015 – Civil Procedure: Complaints and Answers in Intervention AP
06-03-2015 – Civil Procedure: Deadline for Filing Demurrer in Unlawful Detainer Actions AP
06-05-2015 – Civil Procedure: Requirement that Entities Be Represented by Legal Counsel AP
06-09-2015 – Civil Procedure: Supplemental Discovery Requests Not Tied to Initial Trial Setting Conference AP
06-10-2015 – Arbitration: Grounds for Vacating Awards – Refusal to Allow Court Reporting of Proceedings AP
06-12-2015 – Civil Procedure: Service of Process in Gated Communities AP
07-01-2015 – Elections Code: Ballot designations in judicial elections AP
07-02-2015 – Police Disciplinary Records: Restoration of Limited Public Access AP
07-03-2015 – Taxation: Assets in Offer in Compromise AP
07-07-2015 – Surplus military equipment AP
07-09-2015 – Unlawful detainer: Attorney’s fees for Prevailing Defendants AP
07-10-2015 – Education: Field Trip Immunity: Conformity of Statutes AP
07-11-2015 aa – Education: Life Guards for PE Swim Classes AA
08-01-2015 – Criminal Law: Including Non-Statutory Dismissals to Two-Dismissal Rule AP
08-02-2015 aa – Duty of Confidentiality: Permitting Disclosure to Prevent Wrongful Execution and Incarceration AA
08-03-2015 – Criminal Law: Inmate’s Sexual Abuse in Detention Elimination Act AP
08-05-2015 aa – Criminal Law: Conditional Sentence and Probation for a Felony Pursuant to Mutual Agreement AA
08-06-2015 – Criminal Law: Expungement of Certain Convictions of Human Trafficking Victims AP
08-07-2015 – Criminal Law: Including Non-Statutory Dismissals to Two-Dismissal Rule AP
08-08-2015 aa – Criminal Law: Prosecutorial Duty to Disclose Exculpatory Evidence AA
08-11-2015 – Criminal Law: No Criminal Liability When Photographing Law Enforcement AP
09-01-2015 – Family Law: Deletes Reference to Family Code section 20102 from Family Code section 7612. AP
09-04-2015 – Registered Domestic Partnerships: Conversion into Marriage AP
09-05-2015 – Family Law: Preliminary Declarations of Disclosure of Schedule of Assets and Debts AP
09-09-2015 – Family Law: Service of Motion After Entry of Bifurcation AP
10-03-2015 – Conservatorships: Renewed Petition for Termination AP
10-06-2015 – Conservatorships: Right to a Trial by Jury and Jury Fees AP
11-04-2015 aa – Entry of Judgment: Service of Notice AA
11-05-2015 – Civil Procedure: Motions for Reconsideration Pending at Entry of Judgment AP
11-06-2015 – Government: Accrual of Interest in Judgments Against the State of California AP
11-07-2015 – Insurance: Increase Mandatory Minimum Automobile Liability Limits AP
12-01-2015 – Workers’ Compensation: Increasing Claims Limit for Injuries Caused by Willful Misconduct. AP
12-02-2015 – Allow Employee to Use Full Amount of Available Sick Leave Under Paid Sick Leave Law AP
12-07-2015 – Workers Compensation: Utilization Review AP
12-09-2015 aa – Healthcare: Clarify that kin care law does not apply to Healthy Workplaces Healthy Family Act AA
LF-01-2015 – Eliminate 3-Year Limit on Petitions to Recall Sentences AP
ELF-01-2015 – Civil Procedure: Limitation on Appellate Review of Anti-SLAPP Special Motion to Strike AP

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