CCBA – 2014 Resolutions

The following are the resolutions approved by the Conference of California Bar Associations (CCBA) at its September 2014 Conference in San Diego, CA.

01-04-2014-Family Law: Automatic Restraining Order on Assets Held by Employee Benefit Plan-AP

01-05-2014-Education:  Medical Consent Forms and Privacy-AP

01-09-2014-aa-Guardianship: Appointment of Minor’s Counsel in Guardianship Proceedings -AA

02-03-2014-Probate: Continuation of Non-Resident Beneficiaries Eligibility to Nominate Administrators-AP

02-05-2014-Probate: Elimination of Requirement to Define “Mental Health Treatment Facility”-AP

02-06-2014-California Rules of Court: Notice to Heir of Postdeceased Beneficiary of an Estate-AA

02-07-2014-aa-Probate:  Clarify Meaning of “Deceased Settlor’s Estate” and “Estate of the Deceased Settlor”-AA

02-08-2014-aa-Probate: Clarification of the Term “Partner” Who is Not Eligible to Serve as Administrator-AA

02-10-2014-Trusts: Enable Decedent’s Creditors to Sue Revocable Trust without Formal Probate-AP

02-11-2014-Conservatorships: Appointment of Counsel When Dementia Powers Are Requested-AP

02-12-2014-Conservatorships: Compensation of Petitioners and Their Attorneys -AP

03-01-2014-Civil Procedure: Venue and Incorporation by Reference, Consistency Between Statutes-AP

03-03-2014-Prejudgment Attachment Applications: Notice of Hearing-AP

03-05-2014-Civil Procedure: Electronic Signatures and Court Use of Electronic Signatures-AP

03-06-2014-Civil Procedure: No Tolling of Statutes of Limitations for Out of State Parties-AP

04-01-2014-Common Interest Developments: Legal Representation Allowed in Internal Dispute Proceedings -AP

04-02-2014-Real Property: Service and Recording of Mechanic’s Liens  -AP

04-04-2014-Mechanic’s Lien: Dismissal for Failure to Prosecute Within Six Months-AP

04-05-2014-aa-Property: Fines for Landlords Who Fail to Provide an Address for Personal Service-AA

04-06-2014-Property: Prohibits HOAs from Redacting Information about Financial Transactions-AP

05-01-2014-Discovery: Expert Writings-AP

05-02-2014-Civil Procedure:  Clarifying Time To Produce Records Responsive to Deposition Subpoena-AP

05-03-2014-Discovery: Time for Production of Documents by a Non-Party at Deposition-AP

06-01-2014-Death Penalty Sentencing:  Mitigating Circumstances-AP

06-02-2014-aa-Criminal Fines: Credit for Time Spent Incarcerated-AA

06-03-2014-Three Strikes:  Removal of Criminal Threats as a Qualifying Offense-AP

06-04-2014-Immigration:  Punishment for Use of False Documents-AP

06-05-2014-Vehicle Code:  Failure to Stop at a Freeway Onramp Light; Reduction in Fine-AP

06-09-2014-aa-Criminal Law:  Elimination of Solitary Confinement in Prisons and Jails-AP

06-10-2014-Criminal: Promoting the Prostitution of a Minor.  -AA

06-12-2014-Criminal Law:  Inmates:  Sexual Abuse in Detention Elimination Act-AP

06-13-2014-Vehicle Code:  Prohibiting Listening and Talking on Wireless Device While Driving-AP

07-01-2014-Peremptory Challenge: Automatic Right to Challenge After Successful Appeal.-AP

07-02-2014-aa-Courts of Appeal: Tentative Opinions-AP

07-03-2014-Small Claims: Eliminate Auto Accident Exception to $10,000 limit-AA

07-06-2014-aa-Probate: Court Investigator Assessments-AA

08-03-2014-aa-Civil Procedure: Discretionary Fees for Prevailing Anti-SLAPP Plaintiff -AA

08-08-2014-aa-Court Costs: Recovery of Interpreter Fees as Court Costs -AA

08-11-2014-Labor Code: Eliminates 240 Week-Deadline from Injury for Death Benefits-AP

09-01-2014-aa-Workers Compensation: Extension of Temporary Disability -AA

09-03-2014-aa-Health and Safety: Whistleblower Protections-AA

09-04-2014-Workers Compensation: Declarations of Readiness to Proceed-AP

09-05-2014-Wage Orders: Meals and Lodging Benefits for In-House Employees-AP

09-06-2014-Labor Code: Restrictions on Lodging Credits-AP

10-02-2014-Medical Marijuana:  Regulation of Physicians, Dispensaries and Cultivation Sites-AP

10-04-2014-Criminal Law:  Simple Possession of Cocaine or Heroin a Wobbler-AP

10-05-2014-Criminal Law:  Definition of Transport Means Transport for Sale-AP

10-06-2014-Health Care: Enabling Dying Patients to Request Aid-in-Dying Medication -AP

10-07-2014-Marijuana: Legalization, Regulation and Taxation -AP

10-08-2014-Health: Accessibility Requirement for Automatic External Defibrillators -AP

11-01-2014-License Plate Recognition Data: Prohibition of Dissemination Other than to Law Enforcement-AP

11-02-2014-Vehicle Code: Additional Entry Devices for Vehicle-AP

11-04-2014-CCBA: Record of Actions-AP

11-05-2014-Rules of Court: References to Municipal Court and Constables-AP

11-06-2014-Civil Procedure: Delete References to Statutes That No Longer Exist-AP

11-07-2014-Unfair Debt Collection Practices: Inclusion of Law Firm in Attorney Exemption-AP

11-08-2014-aa-Unfiled State Income Tax Returns: Statutory Penalties for Failure to File/Respond-AA

11-09-2014-aa-Bench Officer Disclosure Statements: Not Available on the Internet-AA

ELF-01-2014-aa-Civil Procedure: Sunshine in Litigation-AA

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