CCBA – 2013 Resolutions

The following are the resolutions approved by the Conference of California Bar Associations (CCBA) at its October 2013 Conference in San Jose, CA.

01-03-2013-aa – Appointed Counsel for Indigent Litigants

01-06-2013 – Clarifies insured drivers’s protection against drivers without adequate insurance

02-01-2013 – Juvenile’s Right to a Jury Trial for Strike Offenses

02-02-2013-aa – Bad Checks Diversion: No contracting out

02-03-2013 – Hormones and Durable Medical Devices for Inmates

02-04-2013 – Hormone Replacement Therapy for Inmates

02-06-2013 – Conforming Dismissal of Minor Vehicle Offenses While Confined

02-07-2013 – Certificates of Rehabilitation Consistent with Realignment

02-08-2013 – Availability of Prop 36 When Convicted of Non-Violent Concurrent Offense

02-09-2013 – Raise Value for Thefts Charged as Infractions

02-10-2013 – Exemption from Narcotics Registration While on Proposition 36 Probation

02-11-2013 – Statewide Application of Misdemeanor Diversion

02-12-2013 – Granting Trial Court Discretion on Length of Counseling Program

03-02-2013 – Emergency Drills for K-12 Schools

04-01-2013 – Appellate Division: Statement of Reasons to Support Decisions

04-03-2013 – Appellate Division: Statement of Reasons to Support Decisions

05-04-2013 – Wills and Trusts:  The capacity standard to execute a Will

05-05-2013 – Conservatorships:  Recommendation of Mental Health Evaluation by Probate Court

05-07-2013-aa – Petition for Appointment of LPS Conservator

05-08-2013 – Assisted outpatient treatment of mentally ill individuals

06-02-2013 – Trial Courts: Electronic Reporting Allowed in All Civil Proceedings

06-04-2013 – Civil Procedure: Filing Amended Pleadings

06-05-2013-aa – Increase to MICRA Damages Cap

06-06-2013 – aa – Civil: Redacting Minors’ Names in Claims Against Them

06-07-2013-aa – Damages When Violence Motivated by Gender or Sexual Orientation of the Victim

06-08-2013-aa – Right to Appeal Limited Civil Anti-SLAPP Rulings

06-09-2013 – Statements of Damages Allowed Terminating Sanctions Cases

06-10-2013-aa – Increase in Limited Civil Jurisdictional Limits

07-01-2013 – Protective Orders for Children Involved in Domestic Violence

07-02-2013 – Surviving Domestic Partners: Community Property

07-04-2013 – Require Bond or Undertaking in Certain Family Law Appeals

07-05-2013 – Shorten Waiting Period for Dissolution of Marriage

07-06-2013-aa – Decedent’s Erroneous Belief of Child’s Death, or Unawareness of Birth

08-03-2013 – Electronic Recording of Unlimited Civil Proceedings

08-04-2013 – Calculation of goodwill in eminent domain

08-05-2013 – Civil Procedure: Offer to Compromise

08-07-2013-aa – Civil Procedure: Offers to Compromise: Content of Offers

08-09-2013-aa – Motions for Summary Judgment: Reply Dates

08-10-2013-aa – Deposits with the Court: Update Acceptable Financial Instruments

08-11-2013 – Discovery: Exchange of Electronic Separate Statements Re Motions to Compel

09-01-2013 – Criminal: Authorize Trial Courts to Recall Defendant’s Sentences to County Jail

09-02-2013 – Criminal Law: Increase Minimum Amount Imposed to Satisfy a Fine

09-04-2013-aa – Statewide Guidelines for Law Enforcement to use Taser Guns

09-05-2013 – Regulation of Ammunition Sales and Transfers

09-07-2013 – Arrest Warrant: Technical Amendment

09-11-2013-aa – Criminal Law: Sexual Exploitation of Minors

10-01-2013 – Real Property: Default Judgments in Quiet Title Actions

10-02-2013 – Workers Compensation: Delay or Refusal of Payment – Minimum Penalty

10-03-2013 – Workers Compensation: Criminal Penalties for Making a False Statement

10-04-2013 – Election Law: notice of interested parties for ballot initiative petitions

10-07-2013 – Real Property: Conduct of Trust Deed Foreclosure Sale

10-08-2013 – Flexible Work Schedule for Non-Exempt Employees

10-09-2013-aa – Homestead Exemption for California Residents

LF-2-2013 – CID: Landscaping: Drought-tolerant plants

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