CCBA – 2019 Resolutions

The following resolutions were approved by the Conference of California Bar Associations (CCBA) at the October 11-13, 2019, Conference in Monterey.

01-01-2019 Family Law:  Litigation Privilege
01-03-2019 Family Law: Required Filing of Respondent’s Preliminary Declaration of Disclosure
01-04-2019 Child Support:  Waiver of Right to Seek Reimbursement
01-05-2019 Marriage: Ban child marriage in California
02-02-2019 Guardianship:  Appointments of Guardian When Minor Lives With Person Other Than Parent
02-03-2019 Guardianships: Notice of Parental Rights in Probate
03-01-2019 Requires Elementary Schools to Provide Sanitary Products
03-02-2019 Education:  Defibrillation Units for High School Swimming Pools
03-03-2019 Child Abuse: Unsupervised Play for Children
03-04-2019 Water Code: Ban of Oxybenzone and Octinoxate
03-06-2019 Hospitals: Requirement of Estimated Cost of Services
03-07-2019 Evidence Code: Revise Code Section to Provide Gender Neutral Language
04-01-2019 Statute of Limitations: Issuance of Summons
04-02-2019 Criminal Law: San Francisco Pretrial Assessment Services
04-03-2019 Discovery: Protecting the Personal Identifying Information of Victims and Witnesses
04-04-2019 Prisons: Requiring Confidential Calls When Attorney is More than 75 Miles Away
04-05-2019 Criminal Procedure: Motion Held Within Ten Days
04-06-2019 Pleas:  Not Guilty by Reason of Insanity
04-07-2019 Criminal Procedure: Fair, Unbiased Jury Selection
04-08-2019 Search Warrants: Request by Sexual Assault Victim for STD Testing
04-09-2019 Penal Code: Petty Theft Infraction Limit
05-01-2019 Waiver of Fees for Nunc Pro Tunc Correction of Orders
05-02-2019 Courthouses:  Lactation Rooms for Jurors, Witnesses, Lawyers, and Parties.
05-03-2019 Disqualification of Judge: Lengthens Time to File a Writ of Mandate
05-06-2019 Public Holiday: Election Day
05-07-2019 Public Holidays: Change of “Columbus Day” to “Indigenous People’s Day
06-01-2019 Court e-filing: Tolling of Deadlines
06-02-2019 Torts: Personal Injury Statute of Limitations
06-03-2019 Pleadings:  Deletes Requirement to Cite to Subsection of Statute of Limitations
06-04-2019 Prejudgment Interest: Fixes Time for Motion to Recover Prejudgment Interest
06-05-2019 Government: Tolls Deadline for Claimants Incapacitated Under Six Months Post-Incident
06-06-2019 Tort Claims Act: Extends Deadline for Claimants Who Were Minors
06-07-2019 Tort Claims: Tolls Deadline for Inmates Who File Internal Grievance
06-08-2019 Civil Procedure:  Clarification of Certificate of Merit Requirement
06-10-2019 Civil Procedure: Repeal Special Motion to Strike Reporting Requirement
06-11-2019 Civil Procedure: Correction to Omit Reference to Outdated Code Section.
07-01-2019 Civil: Allows Landlords to Prohibit Animals When Resident Has Allergy
07-03-2019 Landlord-Tenant Law: Penalty for Retaining Security Deposit in Bad Faith
07-05-2019 Eminent Domain: Appraisal Costs
07-08-2019 Civil:  Exclude Amendment of HOA Operating Rules from Secret Ballot Requirements
08-03-2019 Employment Law: Parental and Familial Status
08-04-2019 Transgender Individual Rights: Access To Lactation / Wellness Rooms in Workplace
08-05-2019 IWC Wage Order 15
09-01-2019 Law Enforcement: Reporting Use of Electronic Control Weapons
09-04-2019 Parking Ticket Challenges:  Ensuring Justice When Legal Issues Exist
09-05-2019 Vehicle Code: Reflective Material on License Plates
09-07-2019 Driving Without a Valid License: Mistake of Fact
09-09-2019 License Plates: Designated Officers and Employees of Taiwan
09-10-2019 Driving: Operating a Vehicle with Self-Driving or Driver-Assistance Technologies
10-04-2019 Corporations Code: Establish Valuation Date for Buyout Price
10-05-2019 Defining “person” for purposes of Section 708.120
10-06-2019 Limited Liability Companies: Persons Most Knowledgeable
11-01-2019 Probate: Service of Trust Petition on All Interested Persons.
11-02-2019 Probate: Trustee Notification to Minors
11-03-2019 Probate Code: Delete Obsolete Reference to Repealed Section
11-05-2019 Probate Code: Failure to Claim Appointment as Administrator
12-02-2019 Discovery: Verification of Responses Under Oath
12-03-2019 Subpoenas: Permits Non-Parties to File Motions to Quash
12-05-2019 Summary Judgment: Electronic Service
12-06-2019 Arbitration:  Time to Respond to Petition to Confirm Award
12-07-2019 Arbitration: Manner of Appointing Arbitrators
12-10-2019 Privilege: Eliminates Absolute Privilege for Falsely Reporting Alleged Criminal Activity
13-01-2019 Damages: Consistency with Damage Awards
13-02-2019 Probate Code: Verified Electronic Bank Statements
13-04-2019 Conservatorships: Notice of Hearing to Persons Nominated to Act as Conservator
13-05-2019 Sanctions: Conservatorship Proceeding Brought in Bad Faith
13-08-2019 Probate Code: Clarify Persons Entitled to Compensation/Reimbursement for Conservatorship Petition
13-09-2019 Attorneys: Confidential Information of Diminished Capacity Clients
14-02-2019 Assault: Lesser Included Offense
14-04-2019 Criminal Threats: Use of Weapons in Connection With Threats
14-05-2019 911 Calls: Adding Discriminatory Motive as a Basis for 911 Misuse
14-06-2019 Criminal Law: Conspiracy to Commit a Misdemeanor
14-07-2019 Criminal Law: Increase Permitted Tear Gas Amount
14-08-2019 Resentencing: Personal Use Drug Offenses Under New Law
14-10-2019 Firearms: Unlawful Possession
14-12-2019 Perjury:  Misdemeanor or Felony
15-04-2019 Elections: Proponent-Controlled Option to Remove Initiative From Ballot
16-01-2019 Sentencing: Alternative Programs Where Appropriate
16-02-2019 Criminal: No Extensions of Sentence Without Conviction or Plea Agreement
16-03-2019 Prison: Desegregation of Transgender Individuals In California Prisons
16-04-2019 Criminal: Allows Parents to Record Evidence of Violence Against Dependents
16-05-2019 Criminal: Allows Recording Evidence of Violence at the Victim’s Request
16-06-2019 Health and Safety Code:  Drafting Error in Section 11359