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Number of Elected California Lawyer Legislators Increases Slightly

After falling to an all-time low during the last legislative session, the number of attorneys elected to the state Legislature crept back towards respectability on November 8. With five more attorneys elected for the 2017-18 session than its predecessor, the total of 25 attorneys (20.83% of the Legislature) is more in keeping with the best totals since the 2007-08 session, and well above last session’s worst-in-California-history 16.67% (Read more)

Photoshopping Lawyer – More Than Just Bad Advertising

It’s rare when a lawyer ethics story attracts the attention of the general press.  But it happened last week when the California Staphotoshoppinglawyer_screenshotte Bar Court proposed a six-month suspension for a Southern California lawyer who posted dozens of pictures – most (likely all) of them apparently fakes – on her firm web page showing  her in the company of dozens of celebrities, including President Obama, Hilary Clinton, Arnold Schwarzenegger – the list goes on.

The story started in the legal press, but has since been picked up by the Los Angeles Times, CNN, TMZ, the International Business Times, the UK Daily Mail – this list, too, goes on. (Read more)


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